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    It has been a month since Dominator was defeated by Wander and Lord hater and things haven't improved much for her. She had all her supplies and forces on the mothership which only left her with some old droids, a base on a volcanic planet, and a cargo ship she had built to transport troops and supplies. Ever since her loss Dominator had practically disappeared from the galaxy, she was forced to steal food and water just to survive. Without her armory she wasn't strong enough to take on any planets. But Dominator was smart, she had built her empire on her own, created all her technology and weapons, and even managed to control LAVA!!! Dominator was angry, she had learned from her mistakes, and she was ready to make a comeback, Dominator was going to get her long awaited revenge.

    "Scout, have you located any Volcanium X yet?" Dominator asked. " Negative, Lord Dominator" reported bot 73. "Well look harder! I know there has to be at least some GODDAMN Volcanium X in the middle of this wasteland! The whole surface is actually on fire!" she screamed. " Signals are picking up a strong signal in a crater north of here" "Well what are we waiting for?! Let's go get it!" "Affirmative Lord Dominator" it replied. Dominator brought the ship into the crater and prepared her thermal drill. "Okay, start the drill and pump up all the Volcanium X inside this flaming chunk of crap!" "Yes Lord Dominator, beginning drill sequence" The drill made the whole ship tremble like a scared little girl as it pierced the barren rock of the planet's surface. Suddenly the drill stopped. " We have reached the source of the signal, the mining droid is retrieving the Volcanium X as we speak Lord Dominator." confirmed the droid. " Excellent bring the miner to me as soon as it's finished" she demanded. About 10 minutes later the miner drone appeared. " Miner, bring me the what you collected."  "Yes Lord Dominator." The miner carefully hands over a vial of a shining blue liquid. " What is this? Where is the Volcanium X you collected?" She asked impatiently. "This was all we could find Lord Dominator but scanners suggest that it is similar to Volcanium X and extremely powerful, but it is also extremely volatile and unstable." "Hmmm... I guess the blue color is just displaying high levels of thermal energy. Well then, I guess this sample will have to do." she replied. "Might I ask for what, Lord Dominator?" the miner asked curiously. " I've been going over some plans to regain control of the galaxy and I think I've found a solution to our problem. I have developed a power enhancement serum that will strengthen my lava and my body. The only problem was that It requires Volcanium X, so I had to bring you here to mine some." She explained. "I don't think it's wise to use this substance for the compound, even if it's similar to Volcanium X we don't know it's full capabilities." It warned. "I understand your concerns, but we're running out of options and supplies so we can't waste any more time!" She said. "It will take 15 minutes to brew the serum, so I can run some tests in the while it's being produced, as for you, bring the ship back to base while I'm in the lab." She ordered. " Yes, Lord Dominator, but please do be extra careful! Sometimes you can be so reckless." it nagged. "Look, I've made enough mistakes to learn to be cautious, and I'm the one who has to test it, so you know I'm not taking any unnecessary chances. Just trust me, I've got this, okay?" She said. "Well I didn't think having sentient AI would be such a pain in my perfect ass! She had created the AI as a way of commanding all her robots and to give her advice and statistics when needed, but most of the time she was just annoying" "You programmed me to keep you aware of any and all risk AT ALL TIMES Lord Dominator, so this is all on you." the bot responded. "Okay I get it! now let's get back to work, there's much to be done and chatting isn't going to get anything done." "Agreed Lord Dominator." "Notify me when we arrive, you know where to find me if you need me." And with that she headed towards her makeshift laboratory. She quickly started work on her concoction, she started my mixing various liquids together in a large barrel, then she used her lava to boil the mixture until it became transparent appearance, she then pulled out the vial of the unknown substance and poured it all in to the compound, finally she took the container and poured it into large square device. The machine started humming and sparks started appearing in the vat, it was spinning around, shaking and rattling until finally it came to a slow halt, indicating the process was finished. Dominator peered inside at her creation, an expression of triumph on her face. She then poured the ooze into a large gallon container. Suddenly she was then interrupted by the voice of the AI. "Lord Dominator we have arrived at out destination." is signaled. "Good, I've finished up the potion, I'm just going to move it inside and check to see how that sample you dug up is reacting to the formula." She carefully picked up the gallon and entered her fortress. The hangar was a relatively small landing zone about as big as a cafeteria. She brought it into a room filled with samples, machines, and computers and placed it into a x-ray scanner. "Stats indicate it's much more powerful but it's acting like Volcanium X would." she said. " AI, the scanners aren't detecting any anomalies in the formula, I think it's ready for me consumption" she said. "Okay Lord Dominator, what do you require." Prepare the Training room I'm going to try it in an hour. Get ready, because once we're done, I'm going to take back my place as the greatest villain of all time and prove once and for all, NOBODY DOMINATES LORD DOMINATOR!!!"

    Dominator moved everything into the training grounds and prepared the serum. "AI are all the systems set?" she asked. "Yes Lord Dominator, targets are up, cameras are ready to record everything, and the combat androids are set to activate. Once your compound kicks in I'll start up the practice simulation." confirmed the drone. "Alright, I'm going to take the serum, get ready to go at anytime." she said. Dominator the grabbed the gallon container and chugged down the whole thing. "...Did you just chug an entire GALLON of serum? Seriously? How are you keeping it down!?" "It's a long story, let's just move on to the targets." she said. "Okay, activating program in 3...2...1...GO!" the bot yelled. Dozens of targets started swarming the room from all directions. Dominator started lighting the room up, she was destroying targets left and right. She managed to take out all the flying targets in just a matter of seconds! Next came the combat dummies, each was armed with a non-lethal taser but even one hit would paralyze anyone who came into contact with one. They all started to circle Dominator, trying to use simple strategy but to no avail. Dominator summoned her armor and torn them apart like a wild animal. By the time the simulation was over Dominator had finished in record time and hadn't even broken a sweat. "Congratulations Lord Dominator! Your formula worked perfectly!" the AI cheered. "No, no it didn't..." Dominator silently replied. "What do you mean? You dominated that simulation in record time! How can you say it didn't work?" the AI questioned. "The formula was supposed to enhance my lava and my endurance, nothing changed. That was nothing compared to what the formula should have done." she said. "Wow... I'm feeling kinda weird. This armor is so stiff! Gotta get it off." She deconstructed her armor and clung to the wall. "Lord Dominator, something is wrong. Your vital scanners are sending me some strange reports. Something about a genetic mutation. I don't know what that means but-" the AI paused. "What (pant) is the matter with you? Is (pant) something wrong? God I feel drained, it's like I'm having a major sugar crash or something. Kinda bloated too." "Ummm, Lord Dominator? I don't know how to explain this, and you know me I've never been one to deliver bad new but sometimes-" "WHAT!? Just spit it out already!"  Dominator interrupted. "U-uh Lord Dominator, you're skin is t-turning blue..." the AI stuttered. Dominator looked at her skin, It was indeed turning a dark blue. " I (pant) know I'm out of breath (pant) but this is kind of extreme for exhaustion." Dominator said "... It is just me or I am kinda bloating up? It's like the lava inside me is going into my belly" Dominator said. Sure enough, it was started to swell outward. " Don't panic, I'm going to get you help! Luckily your clothes will stretch with you so don't worry" The AI said " feels pretty good, it's really soothing." she said calmly. By now her belly had grown farther out, and her hips started to fill up with lava as well. She couldn't her but rub her swollen gut and admire her new curves. " Dominator, you need to pay attention, you need to get to the medical bay ASAP! I'm sending some workers to escort you." the AI panicked as it could only watch in horror as it's master grew even bigger, despite the fact that Dominator seemed to by enjoying the whole ordeal, and even as she waddled to the exit with her massive belly swaying as she moved and her hips jiggling like waves in a storm, she couldn't help but hug her expanding form and rub her body with her thick, flabby arms. " I'm on my way, its getting hard to see over my tits though. Who knew being so fat could feel so good? I mean really, I can't stop rubbing my hips! They used to be as flat as paper and now they're as wide as barrels. Oh god, losing balance! falling, FALLING!!! SMACK!!!!!!!!!! Her body was shaking like there was an earthquake right under her. "Note to self, the bigger you are the harder you fall, but at least the jiggling feels pretty good. This is relaxing, but I'm kinda starting to panic to. I can't get up and my legs aren't even touching the ground, I can't even reach my girls with my arms anymore! Oh here are the droids now, now just carefully- OWWW! Don't touch me there- HOW DARE YOU! Don't you dare touch your master like that again! Unhand me immediately you scrap heaps! Don't you know how to treat a lady!" "I'm sorry Lord Dominator, but there's no time for comfort now. Your body is swelling up as we speak and I don't know how much more you can take!" the AI screamed. "At this rate by the time you get to the med bay, You'll be to fat to fit through the door! I'm sending more workers to help move you through the ship hangar, it's only about 8ft high and 10ft wide so If we're hasty you should be able to make it." Dominator felt 4 more bots grab onto her belly, they shifted her onto her side and the droid pushed her into the ship hangar. She had swollen up so much her belly was starting to rub against the ceiling and her head was getting close to the wall. " Oh god, I should probably be freaking out right now but the pressure feels so good! It's like my body is a just a massive balloon filled with molten juices. All I've got to do is just to get to the exit and- OOFFFF!" while Dominator had been talking the droids had rammed her into the hangar gate. Her belly was stuck in the door way and the droids weren't able to pull her out. Her Head and breasts were hanging out while the droids were left to try jiggling her titanic ass out of the passage before it was too late. "Okay Dominator, the bots have alerted me of the situation and I have a solution to the problem. Just hang in there while I set it up, and don't worry we will save you." The AI was freaking out. From her view It looked like Dominator was being split in half. " Okay now I'm freaking out, there's a lot of pressure building up and I can't move my body! I'm literally bigger than the ship!" she said nervously. " It's okay help has arrived, I've connected an emergency cable to the transport. We're going to hook it up to you and pull you out!" the AI had to use the ships speakers just so Dominator could hear her. "Just do it, I think if I don't get out of here soon there's going to be an eruption in my stomach and I don't want to find out what it's like to be volcano!" She shouted nervously. The pressure inside her was building up and Dominator felt really tight like she was being torn apart. The droids wrapped a large cord around her bulging form and cleared out of the way. "Dominator get ready, this Is going to hurt." The AI said. The ship's engines burst to life and the ship pulled started pulling out of the area. Dominator felt the wire tighten it's grip around her body as the ship went farther away. By now she was the size of a small building She could her her back jamming up the other side of the gate. Suddenly, she heard a loud crash and the wall holding back her butt collapsed as she was pulled sharply pulled away. " Dominator, are you okay? Have you been injured?" the AI asked. "The pressure is still there. I don't think I can take it anymore!" Dominator hissed. "Oh god, this is it!" Her body tightened and finally Dominator knew that bursting was inevitable. Finally, her outfit had stretched too far, it torn right across the middle, allowing her belly to finally hang loose for all the see. "OH GOD THAT'S BETTER!" Dominator cried in relief. "Dominator, I'm bringing the ship back around to the hangar, we can figure out what to do from there. Good news is, scanners say you seem to have stopped expanding. "A shame, but I don't think I could handle being any bigger than this anyway. I think I can manage to pull myself back towards the base. Dominator had to use all her strength to move her gigantic form all the way to the now shattered wall in front of the hangar. " Lord Dominator?" the AI called out. "Yes?" she replied. " Maybe next time I tell you something is dangerous you should listen. I mean COME ON! serves you right to ignore me." The AI nagged. "If you don't shut up I'm going to have the workers drag you over here and I will use my belly to crush you into scrap metal!"

    After a couple hours, the worker managed to build a makeshift clinic to fit Dominator's tremendous, bulging form. "So... what exactly happened to me? Dominator asked. " I've formulated a hypothesis about what happened but I'm not completely sure. I went over the camera feed in from when you started to inflate and it seems that when you activated the formula in your lava flow it started pumping large amounts of energy into your body, but the only place the energy could go was your magma glands which caused it to mass produce dense lava which flooded your body. Fortunately the serum seems to have evenly distributed over your body which is why you stopped growing. As for your measurements, you currently weigh 5 tons, you are 22ft wide and you're are 16ft tall." the AI explained. " Fortunately, now that your energy has evened out, you will be able to regain full mobility, but it should go without saying you'll be much slower." "Okay, but what about my lava control? Is it safe to use? Can I even use it anymore? Maybe I can drain all the lava out" she said. " You should be able to use your lava just fine, but even if you could drain yourself your magma glands would just overload again and fill you back up again." it replied. " I'm not quite sue what to think of this. On one hand, I'm going to have to readjust everything to fit my bulk, I'll have to have all my clothes custom made just to even cover me, and I've been limited to slowly waddling everywhere, but on the other hand, I'm more powerful than ever, the lava inside me is so dense it acts like an invincible body shield, and if feels like i'm a living memory foam pillow all the time and it's amazing! Luckily the lava didn't flow to my head so I don't have any extra chins. This extra magma is so soft and squishy, whenever I hug myself my arms sink in to my body." Dominator said. "Well, no matter what we have to get back on track. So what's the new plan?" the AI asked. "What do you mean?" "Well, since the formula went haywire we need to come up with a new strategy to retake control of the galaxy." "Why can't we just use the original plan? I don't see the problem." Dominator said. "Seriously? You are in no condition to fight like this!" The AI complained. " I may not be as graceful as I used to be, but my new body is far from defenseless. I can literally crush anyone crush anyone who gets in my way! And besides, we still need resources. This might be a strange situation ,but it will give us new opportunities." She said. "Well we at least need to test your capabilities first Lord Dominator." The AI said. "Of course, then we will show the galaxy what a real big, bad villain looks like!"

    " Wander?" "Yes Slyvia?" replied Wander. "What exactly are we doing here? I thought we were following Lord Hater?" asked Slyvia. They were on a mountainous planet filled with chasms and hills. "Well, a couple hours ago I got a distress signal coming from this planet. They were yelling something about a blue giant terrorizing their city. They said if we didn't come soon that they would surely perish, so I had to change course." Wander explained. "A blue giant? What do you think that's all about?" she asked curiously. " I don't know but whatever it is must be pretty strong. This planet is famous for it's defenses, even Lord Hater couldn't break in here." Said Wander. "Anyway, we're coming up on the location now let's hurry before it's too late." he said. They followed the coordinates to the location and came across the town. Slyvia took out a pair of binoculars and zoomed in to see what had happened. The city wall surrounding the village had a large gap in it about the size of bus. She could see some of the houses through the gap, some had scorch marks and others had broken walls. There were androids patrolling the area, but Slyvia couldn't find any sign of the blue giant or the citizens of the town. "So, what do you see?" asked Wander. "It looks like there was a large battle, but whoever attacked managed to take over the town. I don't see the giant or any people, we need to sneak in and look for any survivors or some records that can tell us what happened." she said. They both slowly crept into the town and managed to sneak inside a small building close to the outskirts of the city. The building turned out to be a small warehouse, it was full of cargo, crates, and barrels. They were peering over some rubble when Wander noticed a there was a faint light coming from behind them. Wander slowly walked over to the back of the room and opened the crate they appeared to be the source of the light. The bottom of the crate had been removed and it lead to a strange tunnel. "What did you find?" asked Slyvia. "It looks like it's a tunnel. We can use it to sneak pass the robots." replied Wander. "Great idea, let's go before anything searches the building." They climbed down the tunnel and covered up the exit. At the end of the tunnel was a large cavern. There were dozens of huddled bodies around trash fires. "Hello, I am Wander and this is Slyvia, we are here to help you, but we need to know what happened." After a long silence as all the ragged figures watched them, an old man in a worn out cloak finally stepped up to them. " The giant attacked in the middle of the night. It was the celebration of prosperity for our planet and most of the village was either drunk or had passed out from exhaustion after a long day of excitement and festivities. I remember I was preparing to go to bed myself when I heard a large blast. I ran to my window and saw that a large portion of the city wall had been melted away and some the strange blue giant walked through. It was as tall as the building above us and it was so wide it still barely fit through the hole it had created. Her belly was hanging out 2 yards in front of her, and whenever she started to waddle forward it swung around like a wrecking ball. Most of the guards had passed out and the few who were still awake were to buzzed to even notice. I triggered the alarm in my house and tried to alert the city but I was too late. The monster managed to squeeze in and started spreading fire everywhere, people started to realize the danger and ran towards the city hall. Droids started following behind her and a small ship was circling the city perimeters. The giant followed the crowd towards the center, crushing anything that got in it's way. The broken buildings are a testament to it's hulking frame. I could only watch as it made it's way closer to the crowd. I had hid in a building close behind her to spy on what she was going to do. Her ass was big enough to crush an entire car and it kept jiggling for 10 minutes after she stopped. When the creature finally caught up with them I feared for their lives, but then she spoke." He said solemnly. "Wait, did you say she?" interrupted Slyvia. "Yes, it was shocking for us as well, she demanded that if we treasured our lives that we would surrender the city and bow down to her. A few people tried to strike back at her but her skin was to fat to penetrate. I watched in horror as she somehow jumped right on top of them! Her entire body shook at 10mph, and after that nobody dared challenge her.  It was only a matter of minutes before she had dominated the city and gained control of our defenses. I don't know what happened to the people, but I know that the giant is still in city hall right now. We are all that's left of the town right now, and with those bots still running around up their it's practically impossible to scavenge for food and water. We need you to stop her before she can hurt anyone else. I did some spying the other day and it appears she's gathering out forces and could be preparing another attack. Please, Wander, you are the only one who can do it!" Cried the old sage. "Well if this bitch thinks she can pick on whoever she wants then she's got another thing coming! Right Wander?" said Slyvia. "We must stop her, but maybe we can reason with her. If she was smart enough to take over this place then she must be smart enough to negotiate." said Wander optimistically. "Wander, not every problem has a peaceful solution, and not everyone can be changed. Remember when you saved Dominator's life and she still didn't become nice? Even Lord Hater went back to being evil after we defeated her. You just got to understand that whoever she is, she might not listen to you, okay?" explained Slyvia. "I know, but that never means you can't try it at least once." replied Wander. " Just keep that in mind when we encounter her." she warned Wander. "Okay, now let's go see what we're up against." Wander said. And with that they were on their way to the dragon's den.

    Dominator had finally gotten back on the path of total domination and total destruction. She managed to take a city on a nearby planet, she was able to start constructing new forces, and she had a whole city full of people at her beck and call. They even seemed to enjoy serving her. She had replaced her old outfit with a new modified one. There was a large gap in the front to let her belly hang out for all to see, and she wore a skirt and tight shorts that showed of her ass. Her followers would fight over who would rub her belly, or who would get to serve her food. She had selected her 3 favorite and most dedicated worshipers to become her personal assistants. Soon she would have a new, modified mothership and would go back to her quest of galactic domination, but this time things would be different. She had seen the value of allies and armies when she was defeated and she had learned from that experience. Instead of destroying planets she would enslave them, leaving her most trusted followers in control of them while she was away. Now all she had to do to ensure victory was to finally defeat Wander and Slyvia and humiliate them like they had humiliated her! "My goddess, we detected intruders around the north outer wall of the city" said one of her followers. "When we sent in droids to track them down to where they were last seen they were nowhere to be found. We believe that they were picked up by the outcasts." "Well, I want you to send in my elites to find them, this could lead us to the outcast's refuge. AI do you have any video or pictures of the intruders?" asked Lord Dominator. "Of course, this is is photo one of the scouting droids managed to snap before they went missing." said the AI . Suddenly a large image of Wander and Slyvia was projected in front of her. "...Are you serious?" she asked. "Of course my Lord Dominator, why would any of us ever try to deceive you?" the second worshiper replied. At first she was shocked, but then she realized that a great opportunity was right in front of her massive belly! "Well then, I want you to mobilize all of our forces in the entire city to search for them." she demanded. "Of, course my queen it will be done, but may I ask why these fugitives are so important?" "These fugitives bested me in the past and now is the perfect chance to exact revenge upon them!" She yelled in devilish delight. Suddenly one of the followers she had on guard duty burst in. " My queen, we have intruders coming straight at us! I sent the droids to take care of them, but they managed to avoid them. We need to get all of the town in here to defend you, I'll send for them now" he gasped. "Don't, let the fugitives come here. I want to personally defeat them myself and I'll be damned if anyone tries to take that away from me. Don't forget I took over your town" she said calmly. "Of course not, you crushed all resistance from the heretics, if I'm not mistaken you're still keeping them as prisoners between your ass." he said. " I almost forgot about them, At first they kept squirming but now they won't stop squeezing me. It feels really relaxing though so I'm just let them have keep going.  But seriously, we need to find a more suitable punishment, can one of you reach back there and pull them out? I can't even reach my own back nowadays, I can't imagine trying to get them out of my crack . My ass is too perfect to waste on filth like them, maybe I'll let you boys back there instead." she teased. Even the thought of touching Dominator's juicy, titanic ass sent her followers into pure ecstasy. "Anyway, the sooner we deal with Wander and Slyvia the sooner we can get back to my backside, so let's get ready to rumble and make this quick!" she ordered. " YES LORD DOMINATOR!" they chanted in unison. Dominator could hear the distant sound of gunshots creeping closer to her. "Okay, get ready! Here they come!" she yelled. Suddenly the front gate burst open and Wander came in on Slyvia's back. "Well well well, it's been awhile since the last time we met" Dominator said. She began to waddle towards them, her followers close behind her behind. " Sorry if I don't recognize you. Hi my name's Wander. I came here hoping that we could see if you could please stop terrorizing this city if that's okay." said Wander. " Wander let me do the talking, okay? HEY UGLY! If you don't surrender now I'm going kick your ass!" Slyvia screamed. " I doubt it would do too much to someone of my proportions. It's good to see you haven't changed much though, It make this moment even better." Dominator said. "Look you creep, we don't know you. I think we would have recognized a giant blue tub of lard! Slyvia said sarcastically. " I didn't look like this the last time you saw me, maybe you'll recognize this little trick though." Dominator pointed at Slyvia and a long stream of magma shot out towards Slyvia. "OMG! DOMINATOR!?" Slyvia said shockingly. " You guessed it! And If we're all taking a trip down memory lane here, I remember when you blew up my mothership and destroyed my entire army!" she hissed angrily. She created a large orb of lava and threw it at Wander. " You humiliated me! I was the laughing stock of the entire galaxy! I almost lost everything because of you! But now I'm back and I'm bigger and badder than ever!" She yelled. " You got one of those right you glorified volcano!" Slyvia sneered. " Don't you know? The bigger they are the harder they fall!" Slyvia flailed harmlessly at Dominator's stomach but her fists only sunk in to her gut. "what's the matter? Can't handle all of this?" she pulled up her belly and dropped it on her. " Slyvia no! Why are you doing this? I saved you! Slyvia was your friend, but you crushed her with your weight!" "Oh she's fine for now, I have too much planned for you 2 to have anyone dying. But that doesn't mean I have to make it easy for her!" She shifted her weight and fell right on top of Slyvia. "NO!" Wander yelled. "I'd be more worried about yourself right now Wander, at least Slyvia didn't feel that." She then started rolling towards him. Wander tried to run away but It was too late. Dominator caught him right between her gargantuan tits. "Oh Wander, you can't run from me. Even like this I've got you in an iron grip. Wander tried to free himself but he could only squirm between her breasts. "At least now you have a great view of my glory, you should be honored to get to feel my boobs." she mocked. " I know theres good in you Dominator. deep down beneath your large bulging, soft exterior, there's some kindness!" Wander pleaded. " save your preaching Wander, even if there was I killed it with the lava boiling inside me. Men, round up the troop, AI get the droids ready, I'm going to take care of these 2 but when I'm down I want the whole city to be ready to move onto the next populated town." she said "Yes" her subjects called out in sync. "And boys?" she called out. " When I'm done we'll see about moving you into my grand canyon." and with that she walked off with a sexy swagger in her step that made that entire building quake.

    "Uuuuhh, my head" Slyvia whined. She tried to rub it but realized her she was pinned down to a large operating table with a dim light shining down on her. " What the hell? what's going on? Wander, you there?" she called out. She tried looking around but she couldn't see anything in the darkness around her. " Well look who's finally awake!" exclaimed Dominator. " I was starting to think I had killed you for awhile." " You! What have you done with Wander!? What are you planning!?" she demanded. " You've always had such a fat mouth, we're going to have to fix that. If it makes you feel better though Wander's right here." she said. Dominator revealed Wander was hanging upside down from a long chain to her right. He tried to talk to her but his mouth was gagged. "I have plans for him, but first I'm going to deal with you. I like you Slyvia, you really know how to let loose and you're a great fighter. But you haven't submit to your evil thoughts, and you really need to learn to hold back your tongue." she said. " I could say the same for you, you really let yourself go since we last met. For god's sake your belly is touching the floor and it bounces whenever you move, your hips are as wide as a truck, and I your barrel sized boobs are blocking your face!" Slyvia yelled. " I think I've had enough of this, AI warm up the machine and make sure it's fully loaded." she ordered. "What are you going to do, kill me? You don't have the guts! Oh wait, you do fatass!" Slyvia shrieked. " I'm going to enjoy this" Dominator said smugly. She pulled out a remote control and activated. A large machine lowered from the ceiling. Dominator dragged her belly across the floor and waddled over to Slyvia and pulled a hose down from the machine. " I've been waiting a long time to do this!" and then she stuck the hose in Slyvia's mouth and put a clamp on it. Suddenly Slyvia felt warm air rapidly rushing into her body. She looked down in awe as her belly started to expand. In a matter of minutes it was the size of a basketball! She felt the air distributing to the rest of her body. Her limbs began to bulge as the air kept pumping into her. At this point she was the size of a hippo! Her restraints started tightening against her skin and she tried to pull her arms away, but they were too swollen to pull through. Dominator noticed this and pressed the button again to release Slyvia. As soon as she did Slyvia started to rise. She was horrified, she could barely flail her arms about as she floated closer to the ceiling. Luckily, Dominator grabbed her hand before she rose any further. Slyvia felt like a huge blimp! she was big enough to fill up an entire room by herself. She still wasn't even half as big as Dominator. She started to feel her skin go taught as she was reaching her limits and began to moan. She kept getting bigger and bigger until she started fearing for her life. At the last moment Dominator pressed the button one last time and the machine turned off. She put the remote back in between her cleavage and yanked the hose from Slyvia's mouth. Slyvia  was stunned. She could touched her blimp belly and pressed against it. Her skin was tighter than a drum, her body was as big an elephant, her arms were as wide as barrels, and yet she felt kept floating above the ground. " Well, what do you think? I figured since you liked to spew hot air it might be fun to fill you with it! And look on the bright side, now the rest of your body is as big as your mouth!" Dominator teased. " Now you can be my pet. Maybe once you realize your mistake we can be friends like you wanted and dominate the galaxy together, but for now you're going to be my personal blimp." "It feels... great. I'm lighter than air and the air inside me feels nice, it's actually comforting." Slyvia exclaimed. " I always thought being big would mean being a sluggish blob, but here I am holding onto your hand just so I don't float away." " It's good to see you're already starting to understand. Now let's get this collar on you." Dominator pulled Slyvia closer to her and put a weighted collar on her neck. Slyvia started to drift down slowly until she was just 2ft above the floor. "This collar will keep you close to the ground but you'll still be able to float around. Now let's get you dressed. If you're going to be my pet, you've got to look your best and show off your body." she said. " I promise I'll be good on one condition, please don't kill Wander. I know he can be infuriating but he can be a great slave. He's pretty helpful and women of our size need lots of pampering, we're built for comfort after all." she pleaded. " You got me there, but I wasn't going to kill him anyway. He's my ultimate trophy of war. Now everyone will know I am the villain who defeated Wander once and for all. He's far to valuable like this to me and as long as I have you he won't put up a fight, so everybody wins." Dominator explained to her. She managed to cram Slyvia into what appeared to be a giant wardrobe. " This is my personal tailor room. I make all my new outfits here since I have to have everything custom made to fit me. I already think I have the perfect design for you." She settled Slyvia down in the middle of the room. Dominator waddled over to a control panel and started messing with the controls. 3 Mechanical arms popped out of the floor and started sparying Slyvia. "What are you doing to me?" Slyvia asked. "I'm applying a layer of spray latex, It will work well with your skin. It feels great and It will fit perfectly." The arms sprayed all over Slyvia until there was a shiny black coat of latex surrounding her entire body. Then the arms quickly switched tools and started using laser etching. "These will create the perfect design for you. The arms printed Dominator's signature skull on Slyvia's belly, they put wide load on both sides of her ass, they wrote Slyvia across her back, and for the finishing touch they added a flame decal all over her. " Damn, I gotta admit you did a great job." she admitted. " Now you're ready to go out with me. One of the main parts of being a villain having a sense of flare." "So what are we going to do now?" Slyvia asked. " The AI will take you to your room, I've got to go see about moving these hostages out of my butt crack and moving my worshipers in there." She said.

    She called her most trusted citizens to her and brought them to her bedroom. She told them to wait for her to get undressed. She took of her shorts to reveal that she was only wearing a thong underneath and rolled onto her massive bed. She had positioned herself so that she was on her stomach and her ass was on top of her. She called for them to come closer because she couldn't see past her booty. " You three have done very well lately and I think you all deserve a reward. You know what to do, just pull those ungrateful criminals out of my crack and I'll slip you boys in. They rushed on to the bed with her and started creeping into her delicious butt. She felt them pulling and pushing around her ass and eventually they managed to  emerge with the 5 men who had first opposed Dominator. They were tied up but they still tried to wiggle back towards Dominator. "Please, don't abandon us!" they cried. "We promise we will serve you until death if you just let us back in!" they pleaded. "You had your chance, let the AI take them away so we can get to the fun part." Once the fugitives had been dragged away Dominator got up and stared down at her loyal subject. "Are you boys sure you can handle ALL of this?" she spun around and gestured to her thick, juicy hips. They begged her to smother them with her ass. " Are you sure you're ready? I'm not sure you understand how much extra cushioning I'm packing." she kept teasing. They got down on their knees and pleaded to let them even touch her ass. " Oh you're going to get a lot more than that, now close you're eyes and let me take care of the rest. They obeyed her and closed their eyes like she said. She then proceeded to pick them up and cram them in between her ass until they were completely covered in curves, cut off from the outside world. "Okay boys, you can open you're eyes now." she felt them press against her ass and rub her back there and it sent her into complete bliss. She went over to the bed and put her shorts back on. " You boys get ready for the ride of your lives." she called out to them. She walked out of her bedroom and headed off for the control room. Her butt jiggled the entire way and Dominator could almost make out her their cries of joy.

    Dominator entered the control room and called up the AI. "AI, have you found another sample of blue Volcanium X?" she asked. "Yes, it is ready for consumption. We have prepared an abandoned warehouse for you to consume it in so your expanding girth won't damage anything important or valuable." The AI answered. "And how is progress on the mothership? Have the original plans been modified to fit me?" "Yes, I made sure to take in to account how big you'll get after this second dose as well. It will be done by the end of the day, and the army is already in position." AI reported. "Good, I'll meet you at the warehouse, are you sure that I'll still maintain mobility even after this second dose?" "Yes, if it's anything like last time, the excess energy will allow you to keep moving, but you'll be so slow it might be easier for you to roll." "You know I hate that! My belly is too precious to scrape against the floor! And besides all that sloshing around makes me nauseous. Anyway, we'll figure it out once I'm bigger" Dominator said. "I just don't get why you need to be any bigger than you are! It's been hard enough to adjust everything for you, and do you have any idea what I have to go through whenever you accidentally crush a droid or one of my computers!" the AI ranted. "Look, If I want to gain complete control of the universe I need to be bigger than anyone who dares to oppose me. There will be sacrifice involved and it things might get difficult but I need to do this. The last time I took a chance I was defeated by Wander and Slyvia and I'm not going to repeat that disaster." she said. "I'll me you at the warehouse and once we finish up we'll move out and dominate the planet." And with that she trudged off towards the warehouse. After a hour of struggling she finally managed to reach her destination. "I swear to god (pant) the next thing I build (pant) will be a personal teleporter so I never have to walk this far again!" she moaned. She squeezed through the cargo door and walked towards the center of the room where a droid was waiting for her. "Okay, AI give me the dose and start backing up. If you think I'm big now this is going to blow your circuits!" She injected the concoction into her gargantuan arms. "Now all we have to do is wait for nature to take it's course." Suddenly a familiar sensation swept over her and she felt her insides fizz up and start rushing through her veins. "Oh my god I missed this feeling!" she started rubbing her swollen belly as it started to inflate. Her belly had already begun to touch the floor and the cool sensation sent chills down her spine. Her shorts were squeezing her waist so tight they gave her a muffintop. Her knockers had already started to peek out of her bra, they just couldn't handle Dominator's intense, juicy curves. Her limbs had become flabby cylinders of juice and fat. " All this extra cushioning is practically orgasmic, the bigger I get the more comfortable I become! I swear my ass is the size of a school bus. I can't see the floor anymore and my titties are busting out of my clothes!" Dominator excitedly exclaimed. She felt herself start to press against the walls of the room. Her sides were a mile wide and her belly was stuck in the front door. She could feel her body start to fill up the building! The walls were holding so her fat began to rise up towards the ceiling. Eventually her head bumped against the roof and it sank into her body. Her hands and feet also sank into her body and she could feel her ass was starting to crush her followers. "Okay, this is starting to get uncomfortable, AI what's going on?" she questioned. "It appears the warehouse is made of an extremely durable material which is why it's able to support your weight and all the pressure you're putting on it." the AI replied. Her body had entirely filled the room and she was starting to feel intense pressure. Her head and limbs had been forced back out because there wasn't enough space for them and she hadn't stop inflating. Her body was just getting tighter as the building held together, trapping her squishy body inside. "Don't worry, If my calculations are correct the walls should collapse any sec-" CRASH!!! The building shattered into pieces and shot out like a volcanic eruption and Dominator sprung out of her prison like a wound up spring. "FINALLY!" she sighed. "That was to much pressure on my belly, We really need to stop using tight spaces whenever I expand. But it was worth it! My god I can't even describe how great this feels! I'm the size of an entire football field and I never want to be any smaller! Those skinny anorexic chicks don't know what they're missing! You know what, when I'm in charge of the universe the first thing I'm going to do is to require women to gain 1000 pounds! Girls need to see how great it is to be fat, why waste all your time trying to lose weight when putting it on is so much better!" Dominator exclaimed. "It'll be great, a whole universe of big beautiful women, but nobody will be as big as me of course.Anyway, AI, bring the mothership around to pick me up, then we'll get the army mobilized and capture the planet." She said "And send a medic, I don't think my subjects are breathing back there." She could just make out their moans of joy before the engines of the mothership started closing in on her.

    After a long battle she had completely dominated the planet. She was on her way to galactic domination and she wasn't going to stop until the whole universe knelt before her unrivaled girth, and if anyone dared to oppose her she would smother them with her weight! Slyvia had accepted defeat and had adjusted to her new body. She finally submitted to Dominator and became her partner in conquest. They were the biggest villains the universe had seen and they were ready to show everyone that bigger was better! Wander was depressed, but he was content as long as Slyvia was there with him. Dominator put him on display wherever she went as a symbol of her power and skill. Once she had gained control of the planet she set to making an army more powerful than anyone had ever seen. Rumors were spreading of her power and her plans of domination and the leaders of the galaxy were horrified! The boldest of them had a meeting to join forces and make one last stand against her. They assembled everything they had and prepared to intercept Dominator's armada. The battle was intense, at first they seemed to be winning, but while they had numbers on their side, Dominator had power and quality. She wiped out their fighters and captured the control ship. She had her droids breach the ship and she went inside to personally confront the galactic rulers. Dominator slowly made her way to the bridge as she had to lift her belly to keep it from dragging on the ground and getting dirty. The generals cowered in fear as the whole ship quaked as she made her way towards them. They had guards everywhere but they knew they wouldn't be enough to stop her. Suddenly, the pounding and shaking stopped. Nobody knew what had happened. The pounding was so close it was deafening, but it had abruptly paused. One of the guards crept towards the door and peeked outside. Then the door burst open as Dominator rolled through everything! She was like a rolling boulder as she crushed everything in front of her. She was heading straight towards the generals when she bounced off of something. She was sent soaring backwards and landed on her back. She was forced to shake and squirm around until she managed to roll back onto her legs. She gazed at the forcefield surrounding the generals and started to waddle towards it. "You weaklings are really pathetic. Do you really think that shield will stop me!? I am big enough to crush this entire ship and yet you hide behind a shield! Once I enslave you the rest of the galaxy will surrender to me and I will rule with an iron belly! Now I will give you one last chance to surrender and kneel before my glorious gut or I will flatten you under it!" She warned. "I'd listen to her If I were you." advised Slyvia. "She isn't messing around. You wouldn't last a minute under there" She said. After a long awkward silence 3 of the generals left the protection of the forcefield and submitted to Dominator and started rubbing her belly. "Anyone else want to join the winning team?" Dominator called out. "NEVER! We would rather die than worship at giant ball of fat!" One of them yelled. "Death would be too easy, I'll find something much worse for you instead." She taunted. "You fellas were smart to join me, now stand back and watch the fireworks" They fled behind her ass and Dominator released a massive wave of molten lava towards the forcefield and watched as it melted away. Once it was fully dismantled used a geyser of lava to shot up into the air and slammed back down right on top of the remaining leaders. " AI let's get some robots to drag them to their cells. As for the deserters take them to submission room and re-educate them." She ordered. "But what about you? We've defeated some of the most powerful leaders in the galaxy and you're on you're way to universal domination, so what's next? What are we going to do?" the AI asked curiously. "I don't know what I'm going to do right now, but I know that no matter what happens next that I'm truly the best villain alive!" And then she went on to dominate every planet in the known universe. Slyvia stayed by her side the whole way and came to enjoy her new lifestyle and Wander managed to find peace by helping manage the planet's Dominator captured. Dominator was true to her word and as her first law as the ultimate ruler she declared all women had to gain 1000 pounds, and that all women from now on would be beautiful fat goddesses like her. In the end Dominator became the strongest being in history and finally after a long journey across the cosmos, she was content with herself.


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